What I saw and experienced and witnessed, they took the cattle, they raped women and ladies especially the girls, they kidnapped people. They killed people, men and women. They did torturing like caning or kicking.

In Gador in June I witnessed people were killed. When I came out of my hiding I saw dead bodies they were two men they were shot I also saw wounded people. I also found one lady who was raped. When the rape happened I was hiding in the river. She was just on the ground. She was bleeding. I saw the blood. She could not even walk. She was washed by the women. She survived.

I'm a teacher. One of my pupils who is a girl was kidnapped with one neighbour. That neighbour came back after a month but my pupil is still there. The neighbour said they were divided and given to men to be their wives. She said from the time she was captured she was raped. Then she was given to another man. She was raped by two men. By the time she got to the barracks she was given to another man. She was taken to Jaggey.

My student was a Primary 8 pupil. She was in process to sit for final exam in primary. She was a clever girl and I started teaching her in primary 5. She was selected to be a head girl of Primary 7. I'm not sure if she's alive or if with a husband or has a child maybe pregnant. She is only 17. She's not supposed to be married, but it is by force. Her parents, we try to comfort them at least to stay not too worried. It is not good. 

They can target soldiers, but civilians? Hunting? Civilians belong to no side. I don't know why they target civilians.

Since the peace was signed at least we are hoping for calm and stability but we are not seeing it here. I was happy when the president signed [the peace deal]. We need peace. I personally need peace, and the community I live with needs peace. I don't feel for revenge. If I revenge I would do to the other the same pain I am feeling.

We are calling on the international community: it will not finish until you put your hand into the case. Peace was signed but up to now people are still dying. It is just by name, just on a piece of paper. We need help.

By Jason Patinkin

Published on 21st October 2015