Photo slideshow: Southern Africa floods

The number of people affected by severe flooding in southern Africa continues to rise, and more rain is predicted.

Malawi has reported 50 deaths and 153 missing, Mozambique 84 fatalities and Madagascar - which has been battered by Tropical Storm Chedza - 13. The overall number of people affected in these countries stands at 638,000 in Malawi (121,000 of whom have been displaced from their homes), 90,000 in Mozambique and 100,000 in Madagascar.

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These photographs were taken in Malawi, where a state of disaster has been declared in 15 of the country’s 28 districts. The floods have caused extensive damage to crops, livestock and infrastructure.

There is now a high risk of malaria, as breeding grounds for mosquitoes have expanded considerably. In many affected areas, food is becoming scarce, while shelter and health services are very limited.