Aid to Syria: who's helping?

By Annie Slemrod

The United Nations, the United Kingdom, Germany, Norway and Kuwait this week announced they would jointly host another conference next year in an attempt to bridge gaping shortfalls in existing appeals for millions affected by war in Syria.

The next donor conference, to be held in London in February, will be the fourth of its kind. Of the $8.4 billion the UN has requested in 2015 to meet the needs of 13.5 million vulnerable and displaced people inside Syria and nearly 4.3 million refugees in neighbouring countries, only $3.4 billion has been forthcoming.

An additional $1.2 billion has been raised outside the scope of the UN appeals.
Here’s an overview of who’s been giving:

The UN has two appeals for Syria: the first $2.9 billion plan is meant to help people inside the country, and is 39% funded. Donors have produced 51% of the second appeal, a $4.5 billion plan to help refugees and the countries where they live.

Cover photo by Eleonora Vio/IRIN