Preventing the next Ebola - the world's worst healthcare systems

Joe Dyke

Perhaps no crisis best illustrates the maxim "prevention is better than cure" than Ebola.

Since the start of the outbreak, external donors have committed $4.3 billion to fighting the disease in the three countries it has occurred - Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia - 15 times the annual pre-crisis health budgets in the countries.

new report from the Save the Children NGO claims that Ebola could have been contained were it not for the fact that "national health systems in these countries were dangerously under-resourced, under-staffed and poorly equipped."

The report shows the 75 countries with the weakest healthcare systems globally. It concludes that 28 countries have health systems as fragile as or weaker than Liberia's.

Below is an interactive map of the 75 countries, click on a country to reveal more about their health systems.